Episode 13 – A Bloody Big Eagle

At long last, it’s the final Bye Round of the year, and the boys at THE PRESSURE COOKER couldn’t be happier. But until then, they’ve got one more week of frustrations to vent. CT & THE CHEF are fired right up this week! It’s red hot! It’s what you want! It’s footy talk from the best in the business!

2 Replies to “Episode 13 – A Bloody Big Eagle”

  1. Another great Eagle who has performed admirably at the MCG deserves your consideration in Episode 14. That is, of course, the Mowbray Eagle, Ricky Ponting. A very good schoolboy footballer as captain of the Launceston primary schools representative side and as a no nonsense midfielder for Brooks High School Senior firsts. And a staunch Roos supporter!

  2. The Bandit was at the G this week. Imagine how difficult it is to explain what he wires are for to a visiting American academic!

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