Episode 18 – Finals Flaws

Which teams are Finals bound? What’s their achilles heel? Who are they likely to square up against? Which contests would you bash your Nan to get in to see? (Again, PLEASE don’t bash your Nan). CT and THE CHEF have got all the answers in this week’s hot-to-trot instalment of THE PRESSURE COOKER! Ous!

2 Replies to “Episode 18 – Finals Flaws”

  1. Long time listener first time commenter.. Love the show guys and can’t wait to hear the recap after the ‘big week in football’…

    A very happy Hawk this week! Bombers now sporting an average losing margin of 7 goals against the top 4 = not up to it this year I wouldn’t have thought but a scary proposition for the future.

    Franklin proving his worth to both the Hawthorn Footy Club and GWS – not sure the bloke will get the service Mitch tabled to him on Friday night if he decides to head to Blacktown.

    @ Chef what did you think of Grundy in his first hit out I liked – bit of grunt and heart which seems to be lacking from the squad as a whole..

    Whats up with the Eagles I tipped them for the flag this year shows what I know..

    Love to hear the lads take on the latest developments in the ASADA saga.. is it really health reasons he is stepping down? Why is Hird Inc going after the AFL – should they really poke the bear at this stage?


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