2017 Episode 11 – State of Origin Revisited

If you thought for a second we’re not above a little cross-sport coattail-riding, you can bloody FORGET IT.

This week THE PRESSURE COOKER explores the concept of State of Origin and AFL.com.au’s insane hypothetical state team selections. We also give The Ox a tongue lashing for suggesting Dusty Martin will be paid $1.6million a year, and weep gently as the harsh embrace of the first Bye Week engulfs an otherwise enthralling season.

Tell your friends, folks!

2017 Episode 10 – Jumperpunch

Drama makes the world go around! Does anybody got a problem with that?

THE PRESSURE COOKER takes a deep dive into the hot button issues of the football week: Should the jumperpunch be banned? Who is in danger of moving clubs come Free Agency 2017? Has James Sherry recovered from someone hitting the Koopa Troopa Beach shortcut in that one episode of ‘A*Mazing’?


2017 Episode 9 – The Great (Perth) Escape

Have you ever seen two teams from the same (non-Victorian) state get out of jail so spectacularly in the same round as West Coast and Fremantle?

This week CT & THE CHEF talk the great Crows/Cats/Tigers slide, discuss some of history’s most outrageously awful trades, draw a line in the sand on sledging, and generally bemoan their spiralling tipping seasons.

It’s hot. It’s fresh. It’s THE PRESSURE COOKER, baby!

2017 Episode 8 – China, China, China

CHINA. As the AFL makes its first-ever trip to the People’s Republic of China, so too does THE PRESSURE COOKER’s heat rating get turned up Shanghai.

We tackle replacement players, getting suspended while in the magoos, and dish out an ultra-rare, triple-headed, three-pronged, maximum sebeago of a Spud of the Week. Get fired up!

2017 Episode 7 – Joey Daniher & The Crooked Hoof

One of the worst kicking displays in AFL history gets a thorough going over as a dejected CT tries in vain to recover from attending that Dons vs Dees game. Meanwhile, Chef gloats about the Pies, we introduce Prospecting Pete, and drag the general brattery that’s been plaguing the young fools of the league.

A hot serving of fresh footy talk, straight to your face. It’s the PRESSURE COOKER, baby!

2017 Episode 6 – Phase Boofheads Out Of Footy

With only two days off in between rounds, CT & THE CHEF gather their jumbled, footy-stuffed brains together in time to crack wise about the ANZAC round, as well as do a little long-overdue teeing off on a couple of choice dickheads inexplicably being paid by the footy media.


2017 Episode 1 – Steve Waugh’s Perfect Day… of Footy

CT & The Chef return, at long last, from 32 months in the wilderness. Maybe a little older,  definitely not that much wiser, but with better-sounding gear and the same old outrageous opinions. Chef talks Turtle Wax, CT peppers in sound effects, and we wrap the AFLW & JLT series while looking ahead to AFL Round 1. Bigger and better than ever, THE PRESSURE COOKER is back.