2017 Episode 1 – Steve Waugh’s Perfect Day… of Footy

CT & The Chef return, at long last, from 32 months in the wilderness. Maybe a little older,  definitely not that much wiser, but with better-sounding gear and the same old outrageous opinions. Chef talks Turtle Wax, CT peppers in sound effects, and we wrap the AFLW & JLT series while looking ahead to AFL Round 1. Bigger and better than ever, THE PRESSURE COOKER is back.

Episode 36 – Banana Splits

Vote 1 Footy. The only just and right vote, for a just and right Australia.

Episode 35 – Trevor Marmalade at the Bar






Episode 34 – Chef’s World of Mates

THE CHEF has mates all over the globe, and he’s not afraid to let you know about them. At length. Seriously, the talkin’ this guy does. Oy vey. In between all of that, we talk footy past, footy present, and footy future. It ain’t no Dickens, it’s THE PRESSURE COOKER. Get into it!

Episode 33 – Bargearse Memorial Episode

The reign of Bargearse is finally at an end, and the new regime of Gil is upon us. CT and THE CHEF are here, once again, to give you the good oil on everything footy, because footy is everything. Get behind the boys. Get behind your team. Get behind your beers. Get behind FOOTY. THE PRESSURE COOKER! Your weekly dose of the great game.

Episode 32 – Footy is my Business… And Business is Good

The last week of bye week hell is upon us; we are nearly out of the woods and into the clear blue air of full time footy once again. This week we’ve got poor crowd behaviour, great crowd behaviour, and a last-minute spud that needs to be seen (heard) to be believed. More footy! More fun! And once again, more potential breaches of copyright. It’s THE PRESSURE COOKER. And it’s here to stay.

Episode 31 – What’s Wrong With My Face?

No ifs, not buts, no coconuts. Pure, hot, unadulterated footy talk from your boys CT and THE CHEF.

THE PRESSURE COOKER is good for what ails you. GET. IT. INTO. YOU.

Episode 30 – A Win Away, A Win Away, A Win Away

Good lord, it’s been far, far too long between drinks. After a few games in the magoos, your boys CT and THE CHEF have finally gotten their form back and have been brought back up to the seniors. We are fired up, ready to go, and ready to talk about FOOTY. As always, it’s THE PRESSURE COOKER. And it is good for what ails ya.

Episode 29 – A Tribute to Sir Joseph Boogie

Here it is! A little late, but better than never. THE PRESSURE COOKER is back with an absolute ring-a-ding-ding, fired, up, you beaut week, featuring the debut of a BRAND NEW HOT SEGMENT of footy delights for your aural pleasures. CT and THE CHEF’s business is footy, and business is good. Get into it!

Episode 28 – Oodles of Strudels

Full time footy is finally back! 9 games in one weekend, oh what a wondrous novelty. CT and THE CHEF are fired up. ALL FIRED UP. Get into THE PRESSURE COOKER or get left behind. The game needs you to do it!