Episode 17 – Business Time

With 7 weeks to go until the glory that is FINALS FOOTY, CT and THE CHEF take THE PRESSURE COOKER on a little ride down future boulevard, and check out what’s going on for finals hopefuls in the run home. Throw in the second Pressure Cooker BOIL OVER, and you’ve got yourself a red hot episode chock full of footy. Get into it!

Episode 16 – The Mental Edge

Get fired up! Wake your mates up! Raise the roof! Shout at your Nan! (Please don’t shout at your Nan). THE PRESSURE COOKER is here for your weekly dose of hot footy talk! CT and THE CHEF have got you covered this week when it comes to draft picks, lagging teams, and having the mozz on someone. Get into it!

Episode 15 – Viewer Questions

It’s getting into the serious part of the year and THE PRESSURE COOKER is dead serious about footy. This week we take a question from a young fan, and tackle the big issues that have been dominating the football world. Buddy Franklin: Will he stay or will he go? What’s going on with ASADA? Why isn’t there more wet weather footy? CT and THE CHEF have your answers! Get stuck into it!

Episode 14 – Super Spud Bros

Full time footy is back and in full force! No more bye week nonsense! No more minimal football on free to air! No more having to watch League on Sundays! And to celebrate, THE PRESSURE COOKER is back in and kicking it up another gear. CT and THE CHEF are fired up for a footy feast! Get into it!

Episode 13 – A Bloody Big Eagle

At long last, it’s the final Bye Round of the year, and the boys at THE PRESSURE COOKER couldn’t be happier. But until then, they’ve got one more week of frustrations to vent. CT & THE CHEF are fired right up this week! It’s red hot! It’s what you want! It’s footy talk from the best in the business!

Episode 12 – Eric Mackenzie: Perth Resident

Week 2 of bye week hell and THE PRESSURE COOKER boys are getting restless with the lack of football action that’s going on. But CT and THE CHEF are an industrious pair! And by their powers combined, they’ve risen from the ashes of a slow news week to deliver an episode jam-packed full of hot footy goodness! Episode 12 of The Pressure Cooker is here! Get around it!

Episode 11 – State vs State, Mate vs Mate

It’s an absolutely BUMPER edition of The Pressure Cooker this week! The boys dive head first into the STATE OF ORIGIN debate and take on an experiment that footy nerds every will delight over. Get yr listening gear around it, because this is a CAN’T MISS episode!

Episode 10 – Channel Idiot

Better late than never, the boys are back and better than ever! It’s hot and fresh out the kitchen, it’s an extra special, jam packed, you beaut double donk MONDAY NIGHT PRESSURE COOKER!

Episode 9 – The Essence of Footy

Ever wondered what it is that makes the game of FOOTY so great? CT and THE CHEF have all the answers you need!

Stats! Data! Analysis! Opinion! Facts! Conjecture! Research! Predictions! We’ve got them all!

Episode 9 of THE PRESSURE COOKER delves into the essence of the game, and it is a red hot listen. Czech it out!

Episode 8 – Full House

THE PRESSURE COOKER has a full house this week!

Double the special guests!

Double the jokes!

Double the nostalgia!

Double the FOOTY!

It’s CT & THE CHEF back for another week. Get around the boys!