Episode 3 – Jesus Takes a Speckie

Episode three is up and here! The Chef is none too pleased about the spread of Easter Football, and CT takes aim squarely at the blight of coloured boots. It’s here. It’s footy. It’s THE PRESSURE COOKER!

Episode 2 – Footy’s On, Footy’s Here Again

Footy’s back! And so is The Pressure Cooker! Episode 2 is here and ready to dish up some football-related aural delights.

We delve headfirst into the second part of round 1, and give our in-depth thoughts on the season to come. It’s a celebration of football! A footy celebration! FOOTYBRATION!

Wrap yr listening gear around it!

Episode 1 – The Inaugural Edition!

At long last, here it is! The first episode of The Pressure Cooker with CT & The Chef!

We cover all the pre-season goings on, the doings, the transpirings, and distill it down to 38 glorious minutes of pure, unadulterated (safe to listen to at work) football banter.

Share it around! Tell your friends! Get your Mum to listen!