Season 2017 Episode 21 – Tassie Hands on the Cup

Here it is, folks. The last stop on the train line. The big dance. The old… win the flag… game. Whatever, when it’s your last podcast for the year, you can write the witty copy. Leave me alone.

The final instalment of THE PRESSURE COOKER with CT & THE CHEF is here, and we wrap up season 2017 by sniffing out some Great Grand Final Moments™: From Rowdy Brown’s aerodynamic mullet in 1990, to big Wynyard Lynch throwing hams in 2004. It’s all there! All the great moments!

Cheers for listening throughout the year, gang! Maybe we’ll be back next season. Maybe the world will be a smouldering crater floating aimlessly through the solar system. Who knows! It’s a classic mystery.