Season 2017 Episode 21 – Tassie Hands on the Cup

Here it is, folks. The last stop on the train line. The big dance. The old… win the flag… game. Whatever, when it’s your last podcast for the year, you can write the witty copy. Leave me alone.

The final instalment of THE PRESSURE COOKER with CT & THE CHEF is here, and we wrap up season 2017 by sniffing out some Great Grand Final Moments™: From Rowdy Brown’s aerodynamic mullet in 1990, to big Wynyard Lynch throwing hams in 2004. It’s all there! All the great moments!

Cheers for listening throughout the year, gang! Maybe we’ll be back next season. Maybe the world will be a smouldering crater floating aimlessly through the solar system. Who knows! It’s a classic mystery.

Season 2017 Episode 20 – The Price is Footy

Remember Cliffhangers on peak-Larry Emdur era Price is Right? Great game. Everything would be going swimmingly, and then suddenly someone drops a rogue $57 dollar bid on a standard $19 Breville sandwich press. Poor old Cliff shoot off harder than an illegal firework on an eastern Tasmanian beach at around 10:42pm on New Year’s Eve. Poor old Susan’s suddenly blown what looked like a sure-fire Suzuki Jimny win and a chance at the showcase. Tragic stuff.

Anyway, THE PRESSURE COOKER’s back. Second-last episode for the year. Get amongst it.

Season 2017 Episode 18 – Winter is Cummings

It’s the last round of the year, ladies, gents, and non-binary legends!

Round 23 is finally upon us, and one of the more intriguing finals series awaits. In this bumper episode of THE PRESSURE COOKER, CT & THE CHEF break down the various finals scenarios, while simultaneously gifting out one of the all-time biggest – physically – spuds of the week you’re ever likely to see.

Who needs The Footy Show when the boys have got your back? This is the good gear. Street Talk ain’t got shit on us.

Season 2017 Episode 17 – Tom Hawkins Is A Naughty Boy

With three games to go in the absolute business end of the 2017 AFL season, you can scarcely afford to be a dickhead. And yet last weekend, so many players chose to be just that.

CT & THE CHEF have finally collected their heads, and are charging head-long into late season suspensions, a heartfelt tribute for a retiring all-time great, and some juicy late mail regarding a certain 2000-era Essendon half-back flank wrecking ball.

It’s THE PRESSURE COOKER, baby! And this week we remembered to turn the SFX on!

Season 2017 Episode 14 – Love Stats, Baby

The rarest of the rare has occurred: A triple-headed Spud of the Week! CT & THE CHEF dish out the rare accolade to three extremely deserving dingbats, and pick apart the unpredictable mess of a season that’s been great for viewing but utterly horrid for tipping.

THE PRESSURE COOKER returns, and we’ve got all the dang answers.

Season 2017 Episode 13 – Bye Bye Bye Week


A week on the sidelines to rest some nagging injuries has only fired CT & THE CHEF up for another week of hot footy banter.

This week? A double-headed spud. Some Hall of Fame speculation. And a rip-roaring dive into’s crack at a mid-season ALL-AUSTRALIAN side.

This is the PRESSURE COOKER. And it is ready to serve.

2017 Episode 12 – Gobbies With Gill

Holy sonofabitch Bye Weeks are boring. Nothing’s happening? Nothing’s really going on? What in the blue hell are we supposed to talk about?

PHOOEY TO THAT. CT & THE CHEF gaze into the crystal ball and predict a Foolproof™ rest of the year, whilst discussing the oddity of changing the rules midway through a season and thoroughly Soulja Boy-ing each other.

This is the good gear. You’d be wise to hop to it.

2017 Episode 11 – State of Origin Revisited

If you thought for a second we’re not above a little cross-sport coattail-riding, you can bloody FORGET IT.

This week THE PRESSURE COOKER explores the concept of State of Origin and’s insane hypothetical state team selections. We also give The Ox a tongue lashing for suggesting Dusty Martin will be paid $1.6million a year, and weep gently as the harsh embrace of the first Bye Week engulfs an otherwise enthralling season.

Tell your friends, folks!

Episode 1 – The Inaugural Edition!

At long last, here it is! The first episode of The Pressure Cooker with CT & The Chef!

We cover all the pre-season goings on, the doings, the transpirings, and distill it down to 38 glorious minutes of pure, unadulterated (safe to listen to at work) football banter.

Share it around! Tell your friends! Get your Mum to listen!