Season 2017 Episode 17 – Tom Hawkins Is A Naughty Boy

With three games to go in the absolute business end of the 2017 AFL season, you can scarcely afford to be a dickhead. And yet last weekend, so many players chose to be just that.

CT & THE CHEF have finally collected their heads, and are charging head-long into late season suspensions, a heartfelt tribute for a retiring all-time great, and some juicy late mail regarding a certain 2000-era Essendon half-back flank wrecking ball.

It’s THE PRESSURE COOKER, baby! And this week we remembered to turn the SFX on!

Season 2017 Episode 16 – Thelma & Louise

Like the great Thin Lizzy once kinda said, we are just a cowboy / lonesome on the trail.

But in a more immediate sense the boys are back in town after a (northern hemisphere) summer hiatus, and the signs of rust are many.

Do you want hot takes on the Patrick Dangerfield suspension? You got it!

Do you want bold predictions for the remaining four weeks of the AFL season? You got it!

Do you want to hear The Chef’s brain cave in live and unfiltered? YOU GOD DAMN GOT IT.

THE PRESSURE COOKER is back, baby! Enjoy it while it lasts!